Leisure The Brand - Smooth Mask - Medical Fabric/Cotton - Hunter Green

Leisure The Brand - Smooth Mask - Medical Fabric/Cotton - Hunter Green
Leisure is proud to be supporting Island Health, our local government healthcare unit, by making masks for their contingency plan. We are now offering masks made with a medical grade fabric, covered with a layer of linen fabric.
  • Made in Victoria and Vancouver, British Columbia

  • Opens for filter to be inserted. Filters can be purchased on our website.

  • Non-returnable and non-exchangeable due to sanitary reasons

  • Reusable and washable, wash before you wear. Do not put in dryer or use iron.

The medical fabric we use to line the masks has the following properties:
  • 100% synthetic fibers made of polypropylene

  • Spunbond network consists of long, strong and thick polypropylene filaments

  • Meltblown layers are made of short and thin polypropylene microfibers

  • Fights airborne and waterborne ingression

  • 99.9% Barrier Protection

While the fabric we use has many of the same properties as a medical grade face mask, the fabric has not been officially tested and has not been certified for use as a face mask. The fabric is manufactured by a world leading production facility for hospitals and clinics.

These are non-medical grade facial covers. They are designed to be used when N-95 respirator masks or formal surgical masks are not required or unavailable. We do not claim medical benefits with these face covers. The decision to use this mask is solely your own.

  • Warning: Wearing a non-medical mask in the community has not been proven to protect the person wearing it from being exposed to or contracting the Covid-19 virus. It is, rather, an additional measure you can take to protect others around you. Strict hygiene and public health measures, including frequent hand washing and physical (social) distancing, will reduce your chance of being exposed to the virus.

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