Barber & Fritz - Dry Hair Cream PH5

Barber & Fritz - Dry Hair Cream PH5

Rich, concentrated styling butter. A hydrating whip that conditions and protects while adding weight, luster and definition to dry, coarse, thirsty, textured hair. A healing balm scented with Kaffir lime and Cardamom.

Directions: Apply to damp hair and let air dry. Mix with Waving Tonique for a moisturizing, protective curl creme. Apply to dried hair to add moisture and definition or to smooth out finished styles.

SHEA BUTTER is a natural sunscreen rich in Vitamins A & Bstrengthening and protecting hair. Soothes scalp and promotes sebumproduction. SILK PROTEIN aids in moisture retention, increases elasticityand strengthens hair. CARDAMOM is a disinfectant, antioxidant & relieves itchy dry scalp.

- 4 oz container filled with slow beauty, texture and exquisite quality
- FREE from Parabens, Sulphates, Petroleums and Artificial Fragrances
- Perfumed with 100% pure essential oils
- Made in small batches, colour and texture may vary slightly
- Barber and Fritz doesn’t unnecessarily bind its water based products; simply shake before using to blend the ingredients

Barber and fritz is an experience for the senses, the spirit and the mind. The experience of slow beauty.

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